Monday, February 4, 2013

thank you's and thoughts

Thank you for all the love and encouragement regarding my last post! I woke up the next morning and had a moment. You know, like, a moment. It hit me that maybe, just maybe, I've discovered what I was made to do. It's that really deep, in-your-gut, no-doubt-about-it kind of feeling, where there's an overwhelming affirmation that YES, this is right. I am a writer. And I am so excited to continue learning what that means.
Seasons of life are interesting. I thought graduating halfway through my senior year was going to be a mistake. I thought I was going to miss out. I thought, I thought, I thought. Wanna know something? I'm really glad half the things I think should happen aren't the things that end up happening. Praise Jesus. 

Unrelated: I feel like a kindergartener again, because I'm reading more than I have in a looooong time. Also, last Friday was the most perfect day. Alissa and I got coffee, then shared lunch at Baagan, then bought fancy lipstick, then picked up yummies at Trader Joe's, and you also must know we were blasting Macklemore in my truck, windows-down, the entire time. If I haven't already said how much I love the little things in life, that pretty much sums it up.

Another good example is how stupid-excited I was to wake up Saturday morning and drink coffee and read my new Real Simple.
Maybe one day I'll work for them... :)


  1. A writer, huh? As a freelance writer for over three years, I can say that it has been the most frustrating, the most rewarding, and the most touching job I've ever done.

    I wish you so much luck!

    If you haven't already heard of it, check out by Carol Tice. She blogs and share all kinds of advice from freelancing to job applications to queries for big magazines and all kinds of advice in between. It really helped me out!

    1. Thank you for your comment and encouragement! It truly means so much to me. The blogging community is a special is the writing community.

      I'm looking at the website as I type this; I love it already. Your website is equally beautiful, what a unique (and AWESOME) idea! I wish you all the luck as well. Thanks again!