Hi friends.

I'm Alyssa, and I'm a twenty-something living in the greater Los Angeles area. I like writing a lot. I also like food.

At this point, I'm not sure if I like making food more than I like eating it, but in the last couple years I have learned so much about cooking—so writing about my adventures in the kitchen (and life, duh) only seems natural. 

Sometimes things might be serious. Because writing helps me process all the feeeeeelings.

But sometimes things won't be. Sometimes I'll share a recipe I really liked, or talk about what's going on in my life, or sometimes those things will be combined. Because that's fun and fun is important.

Bottom line, this blog is a place where I can push myself to write more and create often, being honest throughout the process. If you know me, keep me accountable. 

If you don't me, stop being a stranger and say hello.

I love you guys.